The rules and regulations that hover over the trucking industry are changing everything about the equipment necessary for a fleet to be compliant as well as efficient. There have been more improvements and features found in new equipment in the last five years than there have been over the last twenty. With so many different systems to choose from, and so many factors that play into a decision to move to newer technology, how is a trucking company supposed to know who is just trying to sell their product, or who is telling the truth?

A representative of any given company has an ability to sell a product to anyone that will buy. By only offering one or two solutions, they want to position their product as the only thing out there that will benefit your company the way you want.

Good salesmen can make horrible products look great whether that solution will work for your specific needs or not. When given the opportunity, we put every manufacturer and service provider on the same level and can offer a non-biased position based on the real needs of your fleet. Pivot Technology Resources can help any fleet make a correct decision based on key differentiators to each very specific operational profile. We carry most newer FMCSA compliant ELD systems with many different capabilities and can point a company in the right direction based on performance, reliability, contractual obligations, customer service, and even soft dollar points of interest many fleet managers forget to address on the front end of a service contract.

Allow the professionals at Pivot Technology Resources to address all of the features and benefits that can help your company see the value in a positive partnership that can save thousands of dollars on your bottom line.