The MCP200 MAS or “brainbox” is hub of the MCP200 system. The MAS contains the operating system which provides computing and processing. 


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Product Description


  • MCP200 MAS
  • Leak-proof Back-up Battery

Supports a wide range of port interfaces that allow connections to on-board equipment: – J1708 Bus connects to J1708 bus of older trucks. – (2) J1939/CAN Bus connect to J1939 bus of newer trucks. Can be used to drive some serial tachographs. – (5) USB 2.0 Host Ports allow USB peripherals, such as handheld scanners, keyboards, and storage devices. – Ethernet Port RJ45 Connector • Supports these other interfaces: – Panic Button Input allows connection of a panic button for emergency driver signaling. – Tamper Detect Line detects tampering with vehicle wiring. – Tethered Asset Management Receiver allows the MAS200 to determine what trailer is attached to the tractor. – Audio Output drives a truck’s speakers which allow for voice navigation and messaging prompts, i.e., text-to-speech.