As much as Pivot Technology Resources hates to admit, there comes a time where there simply isn’t a home for some used equipment out in the marketplace. It is inevitable that every technology will eventually own an end-of-life where it holds no value and there is no market. When it comes time for that equipment to be evicted from the warehouse corner, shop floor, or even spare trailer, we strongly urge every company to take a look at the elements inside this equipment and understand that just throwing it away is a harmful solution.

In an effort to add more value to Pivot Technology Resources in the industry, we have taken on the task of disposing of this equipment responsibly. Over the past few years, we have dismantled thousands of outdated components from systems like PeopleNet, OmniTRACS, OmniExpress, MobileMax, Rockwell, Aether, GeoLogic, and more. The harmful elements inside these systems do not deserve to be leaked out into landfills if it can be avoided.

On an ongoing effort, we have dedicated our facility and resources to become a destination for a recycling effort and have been used to dismantle and separate the batteries, eboards, metal, and plastics, for large and small fleets all over the US. Contact a representative today and allow Pivot Technology Resources to absorb the burden of this problematic situation.