Pivot Technology Resources can help any fleet make a correct decision based on any very specific operational profile. We carry the largest choices of the best used ELD systems on the market with many different capabilities including OmniTRACS, PeopleNet, XRS, BlueTree and more and all at around 50% of the original costs from the manufacturers. Pointing a trucking company in the right direction based on fleet size, performance, reliability, contractual obligations, customer service, and even soft dollar points of interest many fleet managers forget to address on the front end of a service contract is our main goal.

Often there is a stigma regarding the purchase of used ELD equipment.  Over the past ten years, we have come up with solutions to take the risk out of buying used. We have a high standard of quality on everything represented, with all parts thoroughly cleaned, updated to the latest software, tested, and backed with a new warranty. For more information on quality used ELD equipment, please call or email representative here.

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