Here, at Pivot Technology Resources, we understand electronics tend to fail, even right out of the box. The big difference is how we are able to react when that happens.


Our warranty process is a bit different in the sense that we handle all support issues in-house, directly with the customers with one-on-one service. If a customer comes across a defective device, call our office and see if we can troubleshoot anything over the phone. Many customers choose to email the serial numbers over and explain any issues though email. If we find that there is a fault in the equipment, we can ship you out a replacement component at our cost. In many cases, we can expedite the shipping to overnight if needed for time critical scenarios. We also not only pay shipping to get you the equipment, we provide an air bill for the trip back to our facility, all on our dime. With that, you will have zero ancillary costs and a replacement with very little down time. You are also talking directly with our staff, not waiting on hold.


We are so confident in our ability to provide quality performing equipment, we even extend the standard one-year warranty offered by other service providers like Omnitracs to two years. We also believe it is important to note that the support is directly through Pivot, not Omnitracs. You can call and talk to a representative any time during the day and not worry about staying on hold or even missing contact. We have refined these processes over the past fourteen years to provide such a necessary service to the trucking industry. We are extremely confident in our ability to operate at a high level and provide the best support possible for our customers.



Thank you!