As the FMCSA rulings make for drastic changes in the trucking industry, the burden of finding a place for unwanted used ELD equipment is one that takes much time and energy. The ongoing gradual transition from the equipment of the past to the feature-rich, innovative tools of the future has created a secondary market that, if used correctly, can save trucking companies thousands of dollars. Many Fleet Managers and Safety personnel have been morphed into fleet electronics salesmen. The time and energy out of an average day trying to find buyers for equipment sitting on a shop floor can really add up. What most people don’t know is that the secondary market is stronger than ever if you know where to look. Most mobile communications equipment has been depreciated over a period of time, yet hold some value if the features are still in demand. Allow Pivot Technology Resources a chance to provide the rest of the industry with the equipment they can use, and get capital for the equipment you have no use for. Sell us your used ELD equipment and get cash quickly.